Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers? Buying a back-up generator is a big decision. Over our years of experience we've learned what the big questions are for potential customers. We've listed our most frequently asked questions below. Also feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Can you tell me what an automatic standby generator is?

When there is a power outage at your home or business, time is of the essence. Minutes matter, and food can quickly spoil and work become backed up due to the lack of power. You never know just how long your power is going to be out, but do you really want to take a chance? An automatic standby generator is a unit that provides power through the electrical circuit breaker box whenever there is an interruption in your main source of power. Both liquid propane and natural gas generators for sale are available.

What are the benefits of automatic standby generators versus a portable generator?

Automatic standby generators are fully automated and work whether you’re home or away. It takes only a matter of seconds of a power outage for your generator to come in and provide the power you need. Generators that are permanently installed at your location is much safer than using a portable generator. They also provide you protection from carbon monoxide poisoning, and offer operation costs less than the costs of a portable generator.

What is aluminum enclosure and its benefits?

An aluminum closure provides valuable protection to your generator. It is rust and corrosion resistant, and provides superior protection against salt air, high humidity, and other weather conditions. With an aluminum enclosure, you can extend the lifetime of your generator and enjoy worry-free operation.

Air-Cooled Generator vs. Automatic Liquid Cooled Generator: What’s the difference?

The engines of each of these generators separate the two apart from one another. The air cooled generator has an engine that uses a fan that forces air across the engine to keep it cool. On the other hand, the automatic liquid cooled generator has a radiator that is used to keep it cool. Most commercial generators operate with a liquid cooled generator. The air cooled generator is able to operate for longer periods than the liquid cooled generators, so it is best for severe weather situations and extended power outage times.

Do I need electric service? Can’t I use my generator instead?

Sadly, no. Operating a standby generator on a regular basis is a costly endeavor, and would be far more than what you’d pay to the electric company each month. In addition, maintaining the generator would be exceedingly expensive with operation in such manner.

Will I need to maintain my generator?

Generator maintenance is important for a long lifetime of your unit. Oil and filter changes are necessary on a regular basis. Inspections are also important. Your owner’s manual will inform you of the time that should lapse between maintenance of your unit.

Is there a certain type of oil I should use?

It is up to you to decide the type of oil that you will use in your generator. It should, however, be SAE rated and meet the API Service Class SF requirements. Again, your owner’s manual should help you learn the right type of oil recommended for use in your generator.

Can my generator overload?

Thankfully a generator comes with overload protection that trips the circuit breaker should it overload.

You still have doubts?

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    A simple trick to copy the 'Page Trigger' interaction into another project is as below:

    1. Create a dummy element.
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