Sprucing up your yard this spring? Consider hurricane-proofing!

November 30, 2022

Article by: Cummins Power Generation

As winter’s chill gives way to spring, many Americans take to their patios, yards and gardens to spruce things up. Before breaking out the lawn chairs, however, spring cleaners should keep in mind the potential for severe weather ahead. Hurricane season is just around the corner. Some up front work now can save valuable time and mitigate potential damage should a storm strike.

Check out these 10 tips from Cummins disaster prep expert and meteorologist Cheryl Nelson.

1. Have a shed or other secure storage location close by to store lightweight deck furniture in the event of high winds.

2. Make sure you have a backup plan for outdoor animals, including a way to trap and transport them if you have to evacuate.

3. Identify a place high off the ground and away from your home where you can store chemicals or potentially explosive objects like propane tanks or fertilizers.

4. Consider getting your home evaluated for a home standby generator to provide your family with constant power in case of an outage.

5. Evaluate the health of trees near your house and trim any branches that could fall onto your house in high winds.

6. Make sure your gutters are free of debris.

7. While you’re on the roof, check for loose shingles or chimneys in need of repair.

8. Check your yard for long-standing puddles or drainage issues and repair them or consult a professional on how to improve the flow of water through your yard and away from your home.

9. When possible, use mulch or wood chips for landscaping instead of gravel or other materials that could cause damage if picked up by high winds.

10. Check your storm shutters or window storm-proofing for repairs and make sure they’re within easy reach. If you don’t have a way to cover your windows during high winds, ask your local hardware store for tips.

2017 was one of the most active hurricane seasons in recent history with 17 named storms including two major hurricanes that left more than 8 million people without power. With early forecasts calling for another active hurricane season in 2018, it’s never too soon to start preparing your yard, your home and your family for severe storms. Follow our blog for more tips throughout the season and click here for more information on how a home standby generator could help you keep the lights on in case of a black out this summer storm season.

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