Why You Should Invest in a At-Home Generator For 2021 From Ark Generator & Electrical Services

March 31, 2023

Are you considering purchasing an at-home generator in 2021 from Ark Generators and Electrical Services? Let us help make your decision a little bit easier with a few reasons below to purchase an at-home generator.

1. Our permanently installed At-Home Generators will protect you from pesky power outages and rolling blackouts due to storms, snow, and other factors beyond your control. Our generators are continuously monitoring your utility power and will kick on even if you aren’t home.

2. An At-Home Generator from Ark Generators & Electrical services is customized specifically for your home. We make it easy by ensuring that your generator is the correct size for your electrical system.

3. Generators keep your fridge and freezer running, to avoid any food loss. This will save you time and money, and help maintain your emergency supply of food that you have built up.

4. In addition to installing your generator, we also offer affordable winter maintenance packagesProper maintenance of your standby generator is crucial to its life expectancy. After your installation, you will see us again regularly over the lifetime of your backup generator system. We are generator maintenance specialists and can provide full repair to all types and brands of backup power generators.

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